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Are you under pressure to deliver multiple events for your company to tight deadlines but without a lot of internal event support? It can be overwhelming and lead to a lot of late nights and stressful work days. But it doesn't have to be that way.

That's where our Helping Hand team can help.

Our events team are experts at organising meetings, conferences, events and retreats. We've been doing it for years and we LOVE IT!

We offer two levels of support:

Our Director has worked in event innovation for over 20 years. You'll get face to face brainstorm time to flesh out the concepts to meet your event objectives and company needs. High level Helping Hand to develop:

• Formats

• Concepts

• Presentations

• Modules

• Programs

• Itineraries

From $150.00 per hour

Minimum 3 hour booking
Hands on support to source and complete any event requirement from:

• Venues

• Caterers

• AV suppliers

• Guest speakers

• Transport providers

• Accommodation

• Entertainment

• Displays

• Furnishings

• Incidentals

From $85.00 per hour

Minimum 3 hour booking

We're well connected in the events industry, the go to people for What's New. We've got Time, Resources, and Systems to get everthing ready for you. Saving you time - reducing your stress levels - and giving you a hand so that you can use both of yours to complete all the other tasks on your To Do List!

We are flexible in how we work with you. We can do a lot or a little. You'll get up front cost estimates and transparent communication so that there are no hidden charges or unexpected bills.

There really isn't much that we can't do to help you! And we are always happy to find a way to make things happen. Whether it's delivering presents on a paddle board or designing an agenda for the delegates, we are here to help. Just ask!

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